Searle Exhibit Technologies, Inc.

The Tradeshow, Event and Museum Structural Systems Experts

Wall/Panel Systems

Ideal for exhibits, conference rooms, events, museums, retail and permanent installations. Has true design flexibility, is quick to assemble and is lightweight but strong and durable. Is easily stackable & virtually seamless and can be used with multi-story systems.

Multi-Story Systems

Exceeds existing IBC (UBC) standards and compared to most other available multi-story systems it is stronger, has a faster setup, has less beams and significantly fewer columns. And it requires only 1 connection to another panel and 1 connection to the beam while other systems can require up to 10.

Rental & Custom Options

We have multiple options for rental programs that seamlessly integrate to your current client options or to help you start a new rental program. And we offer design services if you have a unique project that is best served by custom engineering services.